Merlin Mann’s “Cranking” Post

5by5 has a new show called Back to Work and it's really great. The show consists of Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann chatting about writing, being productive, and nerd stuff. It's oddly entertaining.

Before this week's episode, @danbenjamin recommended that I — and all of the show's listeners — first read Merlin's latest post on 43 Folders. I did, and I thought it was really excellent. Merlin Mann pops up on the internet all the time in podcasts and blogs and videos of his talks, so I've known about him for years. But even with all of this past exposure, and the 10+ hours of his ramblings that I've listened to on Back to Work, I had no idea that he was such a great writer. "Cranking" is one of the best things I've read in a long time. It's emotional and rich. You should read it, and Merlin should be very proud.

Strange Analytics

The other day when I checked my analytics, I saw that I got a hit last week from someone searching "bladder rupture election piss". Very strange. It'd be interesting to know what they were hoping to find with that. They found me because of an old post that I deleted so that I could spend more time formatting it. It'll be up soon and sadly, it does include three of those four words. Get excited.

Christian Lander and Kat Williams

When he found out that I was spending a lot of time working online, a friend of mine directed me to this (long) video of Christian Lander speaking at Google. Points of interest for me:

Google has a video series called Talks@Google, in which great people talk about their work.

Christian Lander's Stuff White People Like Blog was less than six months from anonymous concept to web-wide sensation — he went to after having a funny instant messager conversation on January 18; he speaks at Google, published book in hand, on July 17. Unbelievable.

He lived with the lead singer of The Arcade Fire while at college.

After experiencing a lot of backlash for "selling out" — aka monetizing his work — a friend of his referred him to comedian Kat Williams discussing "haters" on youtube here and here (don't go if you don't like profanity). My favorite line:

"...sit back there and say my hair ain't luxurious when you know it is..."

And more on haters today from @DavidKaneda.

Everything’s Amazing & Nobody’s Happy

Yesterday I posted a response to some iPad linkbait from Paul Thurrott (my post here), and I'm happy to report that what could have been a purely negative experience has actually produced a lot of good. Not only did his post occasion my first ever submittal to Literally, A Weblog, but it also led me to Jonathan Forsythe's Moderately Offensive Commentary where I found this excellent video. Apparently it's been around for over a year and no one bothered to tell me about it.

It's funny because it's true. I wrote about some of these ideas a while ago and linked back to Josh Blankenship who talks about these issues all the time. He's actually at it again today with "Stands < Scrimmage Line".

But back to the video: be thankful, be patient, and maybe try to contribute to the world every once in a while. There's nothing less becoming than our ridiculous modern sense of entitlement.

via Jonathan Forsythe