Business - YES

Taken from a really, really exceptional article about Coudal, if this line doesn't make you want to walk away from everything and spend all of your time making cool things, then nothing will.

"Well, do we wanna build up this whole thing again and go chase business that we don't want and get into pitches and win or not win business based on the whims of people who are stupider than we are? Or is there another way?"

This statement summarizes the way I hope to practice architecture one day, and it's the way that I think every architect should practice.

Unqualified blanket statement: All exceptional architects should also be developers. If we know cities and design and love them both well, then shouldn't we be the most fecund builders in the world? Yes, we should. I plan to write about this more at length soon. Stay tuned.

Via Joshua Blankenship.

More Excellence from Jason Fried

Since the epic layoff of Spring 2009, I've been on a possibly Quixotic journey into the world of the freelance creative value producer. Early on I found that Jason Fried was at or near the center of a world of creative professionals who are wreaking havoc all over the internet and they make it look good.

They don't buy the get paid for showing up paradigm. Here he rails against modern office culture and talks about how counterproductive it is to work in shared environments where any and everyone has seemingly limitless power to interrupt you. The workplace is for work; let me work.

Sometimes when it gets really late, I like to listen to his words and think about Ayn Rand.