Introducing Devour

This video isn't unlike the trololololo video I posted a long time ago (here) — there's something really special about it, but I totally understand if no one else thinks it's funny. My favorite part is how the baby seems to think that there's nothing out of the ordinary happening. She is completely comfortable, enjoying an opulent meal in her natural habitat.

Also, by way of introduction, Devour is a fairly excellent curated YouTube feed. I've been visiting regularly for about a month now, and at least 80% of the videos they've posted in that time have been worth watching.

Via Devour.

I Can’t Not Watch This Over and Over and Over. Why?

I don't what this means, but I've watched it several times and I enjoy it immensely. Is anyone out there studying this phenomenon?

Review Bombing

There's this new meme running around that involves people randomly searching for obscure or bizarre sale items on Amazon and leaving ridiculous sarcastic reviews for the products.

This is one of my favorite things about the internet and web culture: It's a great place for clever people to quietly amuse themselves. Sure it can be called a waste of time, but it's something akin to a group of close friends developing their own little vernacular slang or elaborate system of inside jokes. But with the internet, I think it's more beautiful because it's all strangers. And I think that the freedom to create this new culture online is a brand new freedom. For instance, when I was really young, at the beginning of the internet as we know it, I remember spending hours in AOL chat rooms trying to make girls like me, and by girls I mean screen names that answered the regular "age/sex check" call with "13/f". I would chat in the rooms until I got a private request or until I found the courage to send one of my own, and then I would awkwardly try to flirt with these strangers. The point of the story is that we had different words for things. What my school called "prude" her school called "green", and so on. I don't know how stuff like that came up in casual conversation...but it is strange to me how separated everyone was back then. I guess everyone was unified under the enormous cultural banners of Indiana Jones and The Price is Right, maybe. But now? Now everyone knows about Star Wars Kid, Rick Rolling, and Charlie Bit Me. It's petty and silly, but I think it's great and infinitely interesting.

For more on Review Bombing, check this guy out. He talks about "reviewbombing" here and here. Apparenlty, he's considerably more in the know than I am - looks like he came up with the term, and it's supposed to be one word.

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