Braddock, Pennsylvania and Urban Pioneering

"On Wood Street, Jack Samuel, the 25-year-old straight-edge vegan punk rocker and Levi's model, was hanging out in one of the two houses he and the six other members of the Some Ideas Collective bought last year. The group wanted an inexpensive "live-work" space where they could play music, write and work on bikes. They bought a house for $6,000 from a filmmaker who was moving on. It was run-down, but for kids whose goal was to "make life cheap enough" so they could "binge work and then be free," it was just fine.

"My goal is to build for myself a life that meets my needs most effectively," Samuel explained last summer. "So that means the lowest possible overhead costs day to day [...]"

This quote is from an interesting article that you should probably read. It's about a small town with a radical governor who's been trying to cultivate some sort of indie, organic mecca to revitalize the town.

It's a great(ish) idea and not necessarily original, but what's great about the article is that it has a lot to say about the people who are actually there struggling to make it work.

Also, I love the idea of "binge working".

Via Epicenter.