CHRIS MILK -  Last Day Dream

I've been meaning to put this up for a while. It's one of the best things I've ever seen.

Note that the title is Last Day Dream and not Last Daydream, which is what I called it for a long time.

Reading up on Chris Milk, he's done a lot of music videos for artists such as The Chemical Brothers, Modest Mouse, and Arcade Fire. Check him here.

Introducing Devour

This video isn't unlike the trololololo video I posted a long time ago (here) — there's something really special about it, but I totally understand if no one else thinks it's funny. My favorite part is how the baby seems to think that there's nothing out of the ordinary happening. She is completely comfortable, enjoying an opulent meal in her natural habitat.

Also, by way of introduction, Devour is a fairly excellent curated YouTube feed. I've been visiting regularly for about a month now, and at least 80% of the videos they've posted in that time have been worth watching.

Via Devour.

Pixels vs. Manhattan

But seriously, is this real?

via Spatial Robots.

Skinput vs. Sixth Sense

Seems silly to define inputs based on the sound and vibrations caused by tapping specific parts of your arm. People are fat, skinny, muscular, flabby, and so on; it seems like the variety would quickly overwhelm this system, or at least severely limit it. And from a usability standpoint, it would be extra frustrating if a button didn't give you the desired result and you knew it was your fault because you made the wrong noise with your chubby arm.

Sixth Sense:
Some of the usage examples are kind of silly, but wow. I'm not too excited about all of the new augmented reality stuff happening, but sometimes I'll see something that I think might look like the future. I love TED.

Skinput via Spatial Robots

Christian Lander and Kat Williams

When he found out that I was spending a lot of time working online, a friend of mine directed me to this (long) video of Christian Lander speaking at Google. Points of interest for me:

Google has a video series called Talks@Google, in which great people talk about their work.

Christian Lander's Stuff White People Like Blog was less than six months from anonymous concept to web-wide sensation — he went to after having a funny instant messager conversation on January 18; he speaks at Google, published book in hand, on July 17. Unbelievable.

He lived with the lead singer of The Arcade Fire while at college.

After experiencing a lot of backlash for "selling out" — aka monetizing his work — a friend of his referred him to comedian Kat Williams discussing "haters" on youtube here and here (don't go if you don't like profanity). My favorite line:

"...sit back there and say my hair ain't luxurious when you know it is..."

And more on haters today from @DavidKaneda.

Everything’s Amazing & Nobody’s Happy

Yesterday I posted a response to some iPad linkbait from Paul Thurrott (my post here), and I'm happy to report that what could have been a purely negative experience has actually produced a lot of good. Not only did his post occasion my first ever submittal to Literally, A Weblog, but it also led me to Jonathan Forsythe's Moderately Offensive Commentary where I found this excellent video. Apparently it's been around for over a year and no one bothered to tell me about it.

It's funny because it's true. I wrote about some of these ideas a while ago and linked back to Josh Blankenship who talks about these issues all the time. He's actually at it again today with "Stands < Scrimmage Line".

But back to the video: be thankful, be patient, and maybe try to contribute to the world every once in a while. There's nothing less becoming than our ridiculous modern sense of entitlement.

via Jonathan Forsythe

HP Knows the Future

I saw this ad on Hulu while watching the pretty excellent and intentionally goofy new show Marriage Ref. I guess they're trying to get a little bit of money out of the touch buzz that Apple's got going right now.

That tagline at the end - "Touch the Future Now" - is ridiculous. They've had this device for a couple of years now, right? And it's still crazy thick.

On a related note, I actually did touch the future on's called iPad.