Irony: Environmentalists versus “Cape Wind”

First of all, I'm not without some sympathy for the environmental movement. I am LEED accredited and I think that green building is great, but not because I think that we're going to cook the earth and die. Like most reasonable people, I think that pollution and waste are inherently bad, and that they are often the result of bad design, so I'm against them. That said, I don't think that the government should legislate sweeping sustainability reforms, force me to eat organic, or round up and murder all of the SUV's. Generally speaking, I don't like it when environmentalists try to force people to save the earth. But the point of the story is that I think it's funny when environmentalists get pushed around by other environmentalists. Bobby Kennedy Jr., himself a prominent green advocate, has come out strongly against the wind farm proposed off of Nantucket Sound (SEE ALSO). This may or may not be because of the ocean view enjoyed by the Kennedy's Nantucket estate.

Here's a group of green advocates urging him to change his position:

"Nothing threatens the Earth's most special places more than global warming. The changes being wrought by our warming of the atmosphere are melting the Arctic tundra, overheating the Amazon rainforest, and heating the oceans. We are, simply put, in a state of ecological emergency. Constructing windmills six miles from Cape Cod, where they will be visible as half-inch dots on the horizon is the least that we can do."

The letter ends with "...we urge you to reconsider your position..." and so on followed by a ridiculously long list of the people who got together to pen the letter. I like that it has a subtle petition component to it — here's a long list of people who are mad at you. So the environmentalist gets called out for NIMBYism and is bullied and guilted into submission by his peers.

No one likes to be bossed around or guilted into things, so it's funny to see the pusher get pushed every now and then. It's easy to support abstractions like ocean wind farms to create clean, sustainable energy, but things can get hairy pretty quickly: Where do they go? Who's in charge? Who's paying for it? What if x, y, or z happens? I like that one of the people telling everyone that they need to buy a hybrid, recycle, and picket polluting mega-companies is getting served an angry letter urging him to do his part to save the world. Isn't the view from your family summer home a small price to pay to save our Mother Earth? Maybe it's not funny, but I laughed.

SEE ALSO: He actually compares the Sound to Yosemite. HA!