My Building - A Tragedy


My fourth year of college, I had a project whose hypothetical site was located right next to this building in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. Ever since, I have been secretly conspiring to go back and buy it and resurrect it. It's old, crappy, and busted up, the huge windows are boarded-up, and it's a pretty crummy location, but that doesn't matter. If I restore it, they will come. And by "they" I don't mean stupid yuppy loft seekers; I mean all of the cool places that I want to hang out at night and on the weekends when I move into my awesome old building in downtown Birmingham. If I'm able to buy the building and I do a good enough job, I don't see any reason why other folks won't flock to my side of town to participate in the next great urban revival, right? Right?

Unfortunately, while doing research for one of my forthcoming LifeLesson stories (searching for pictures of an old mill where I nearly died one time), I found this photo in some random stranger's photostream and my hopes were dashed. Turns out, the front fell off because of a storm, and thank goodness I haven't made my millions and bought that building yet, or I'd be pretty put out.

Image property of Flickr user “buildinghugger”.