Pomplamoose Again


Maybe it's not worth saying, and maybe I'm misunderstanding, but I'm pretty sure they're making fun of Lady Gaga (or this genre or our twelve year old culture). What's great about it is that the way they mock her is oddly positive and constructive. Instead of criticizing in the usual internet way - ie. "you f****** suck" or "you're a F****** N*****" or, my personal favorite, "go F*** yourself, F*****" - they're doing it by putting in a ton of excellent work. It's clever, they're talented, and the end result isn't mockery for meanness' sake, but a great fun video.

So what I'm praising here is a bit of an oxymoron, but I think it's nice to see someone really take the time to mock something well. It's too easy to sit back and throw stones - profanity-laced, bigoted, hateful stones - at the people who are actually out there creating. I say you're only allowed to throw stones if you're willing to put yourself out there and make something, and making something great that also happens to throw stones totally qualifies.

I guess I think that putting time and effort into something gives it an inherent value (perhaps not much, but...). Cussing someone out has no value because it's easy. Write a detailed, reasoned and well-argued rant about why something is in fact "gay as hell" or whatever and, while I won't read it or respect your opinion, I think most would agree that your thoughts are worth considerably more for your emotional commitment to them (and I appreciate the opportunity to throw stones at your rant).

Easy things lack value. Pomplamoose videos are full of it (IMHO).

Coincidentally, this reminds me of another excellent Blankenship post about the nature of comments and criticism on the web.