Sublime Architecture Takes a Turn for the Organically Complex

It's growing increasingly difficult for me to enjoy this kind of work. I guess I just don't see the point anymore. If this work has value because it's new and exciting and perversely beautiful, then I guess that's okay. And I suppose there's some inherent value in novelty; of course there's (probably) value inherent in pushing the boundaries of any given field, but I'm not interested in making spaces like these. I don't really see much potential for inhabiting them, either. They don't move me or inspire me and if I'm honest, I find them annoying. Is it mortal architectural sin to say that this level of formal abstraction is a waste of time, talent, and money? I have no problem conceding that this stuff takes incredible effort and that maybe I'm poo-pooing works of immeasurable genius, but there it is. Sometimes architecture is too introspective and that's lame and disappointing.

It's also annoying that work like this is often accompanied by words like these:

"Expressing grand passions and utopian ideas, Sublime Spaces illuminate the emotional involvement between the creator and the user of architecture spaces."


"Housed in the Nave of Christ Church Spitalfields and displaying designs for churches, mosques and other spiritual spaces, the exhibition will offer a direct dialogue between historic and contemporary theology, theory and practice."

Theology? Really? Ugh...

If you do work like this, then you should know that I'm not mad at you. I admire your craft and skill and creativity. I just hope that architecture doesn't continue creeping towards some new wayward psychotic style-ism.